Business E-Commerce Services

Online Banking

Need a Real-Time, Self-Service Online Cash Management solution that is safe, secure, flexible and free? Try the HCBT Business Online product with advanced freatures and a wide range of banking capabilities. The features include:

  • Easy access landing page
  • 24x7 access to real-time account information
  • File and fund transfers
  • Loan advance and payment options
  • Ability to transact state and federal tax payments
  • Online bill payment
  • Extended transaction history and export ability
  • Stop payments
  • Check image retrieval
  • Check ordering option
  • Secure email ability
  • E-alerts and login authority level access
  • Password management
  • Account nicknames and favorite tabs
  • ACH files can easily be downloaded for a minimal fee. The file can be processed and tracked through HCBT Online Banking*.

Business Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is an easy way to access your funds from your smartphone while you are out and about without a monthly maintenance fee. Simply download the HCBT Business Mobile app for the ability to bank any time and any place. The app allows you to:

  • Check account balances
  • View transaction history
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Pay bills
  • Deposit checks with Mobile Deposit
  • Approve ACH files for processing*

Business Merchant Remote and Mobile Deposit

Don’t have time to get to the bank to deposit checks? HCBT has several products that will help you get checks deposited without having to leave your desk.

Merchant Remote Deposit

Here's an innovative way for businesses to process and deposit checks of any type. HCBT uses an electronic payment system that processes scanned checks and transmits the deposits. The digital deposit is credited to your checking account in real time just like you made a trip to one of our offices!  A scanner is needed along with a business online banking account to process deposits with Merchant Remote Deposit.*

Interested in a demo of our Merchant Deposit Capture program?  Click Here

Mobile Deposit

Use the HCBT mobile app to make deposits from your smartphone. Simply take a picture of the check (front and back) and submit it. It's that easy! If you are a business that receives a few checks from your customers then this is the solution for you. No need to run to the bank to make a deposit. Just use the mobile deposit feature in our HCBT mobile app and get credit for your checks without going to the bank!

Manage Your Debit Cards

Access. Control. Anytime. Anywhere.  Manage all of your debit cards through our HCBT Mobile App (Business or Consumer).  It gives you the power to set limits, track debit card spending as well as review transactions and block a debit card if necessary.  The benefits include:

  • Fraud Protection through real time alerts
  • Transaction controls that allow your cards to work only in specific locations or geographic areas
  • Ability to control spending by setting spending limits for all transactions or specific amounts for certain types of merchants
  • Establish controls by location and change parameters through your mobile device
  • Ability to set controls for employees


*A fee may apply for the processing of digital deposits and ACH files.



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