Banzai Interactive Financial Literacy

Experience meets learning with this free, interactive program that teaches real-world finance and practical life skills. There are courses for kids, teens, adults and on digital safety as well as articles, calculators and coaching scenarios, all to create a culture of financial literacy!

Economic Prosperity through Education

Our mission at Hendricks County Bank and Trust is to promote economic prosperity - improving the quality of life in the community we serve. To that end, we are partnering with Banzai to provide the best in financial literacy materials, so that the people of our communities can be better equipped to face the financial challenges life throws their way. There are interactive and age-appropriate courses, as well as lessons on financial topics, coaching sessions and financial calculators to apply to your real-life situations. Explore all Banzai has to to you as a gift from Hendricks County Bank!

Interactive Courses

Banzai Junior

Banzai Junior (8-12)

Banzai Junior shows kids ages 8 to 12 how to make wise choices when faced with financial decisions. It starts with the storyline of a summer lemonade stand and the goal of a new bike.

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Banzai Teen

Banzai Teen (13-18)

Created for kids from ages13-18, Banzai Teen lets teens work through real-life financial problems in a safe environment. Throughout the course, the user's goal is to save enough money to register at Vanderbilt Community College.

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Banzai Plus

Banzai Plus (18 and over)

Banzai Plus elevates the budgeting simulations from the other Banzai courses to an advanced level. With real-life dilemmas, exciting challenges, and the goal of purchasing a home, Banzai Plus makes complicated financial concepts easy to understand.

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College & Careers

College & Careers

Banzai College & Careers courses help students (ages 15-18) prepare for the reality of transitioning to college life.

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Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship allows teens and kids (recommended ages 9-15 but also good for adults to review) to practice navigating through online decisions securely.

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Take Control of
Your Money

Hendricks Country Bank & Trust has partnered with Banzai to bring you clear, in-depth lessons that help you dive into the financial topics you care most about.

Learning to Budget

Budgeting isn't about restriction, it's about prioritizing. The best way to avoid financial strain is to know where your money is going and plan ahead!

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Building Credit

It takes credit to get credit, and credit is crucial to buying a new home, finding a place to rent, or purchasing a new car. You have to start somewhere, start here.

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Planning for an Emergency

It's impossible to predict a car breaking down or losing a job, but it's absolutely possible to prepare for the financial blow. Emergencies happen, make sure you're prepared.

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Looking for real live information? These calculators cover savings, budgeting, loans, credit cards, taxes, mortgages, vacations and more!

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